1901 - 1911. Discovery of oil in southeast Texas and the birth of The Texas Co. in Beaumont on 1901, layed the foundation of one of the world’s major petroleum companies. The Texas Co. grew quickly and soon became one of the major international suppliers, where significant discoveries were followed by development of new products from kerosene to automotive gasoline and lubricants. Its first international shipment were made in 1902 after
agreement with British Petroleum Co. for the sale of 1 milj. barrels of crude oil to UK. In 1905 the first European office was opened in Belgium.

Texaco’s popular diesel lubricant Ursa was introduced in 1910.

1912 - 1927. In an era of surging automobile sales and increased mobility, The Texas Co. quickly expands into new global markets, creates a growing network of filling and service stations, introduces innovative products.
1928 - 1940. Texaco makes news when it becomes the first oil company whose products and services were available for consumers in all 48 U.S. states. Specialists were developing innovative products for the road and the air. Record-breaking aviators and famed comedians were hired to promoto them aggressively. In 1931 The Texas Co. acquired the Havoline brand and implemented new technologies to improve Havoline.s.
1941  -  1961.  Seizing upon the power of the Texaco brand, the company changes its corporate name to Texaco Inc. Texaco develops scores of new products for the emerging generation of auto engines. 
1962 - 1980.  The company enters the high-speed world of professional auto racing. To keep ahead of its competition in the energy business, Texaco takes on a new look in its advertising and service station design. 
1981  -  2000. High-performing Texaco gasolines and Havoline lubricants were driving the sales. Havoline Formula3 was launched in 1991. 
2001 +      In a dynamic merger of two great oil companies with a long history of partnering, Texaco joins with Chevron to become the 2nd largest U.S. based energy corporation and owing great family of well-known brands: Chevron, Texaco, Caltex, Havoline, Ursa, Delo, Techron and others.








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